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Ninjaz Club aim to bring the Ninja Vibe Art to the blockchain. We love to build together with the community!

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What is a NinjazClub?

NinjazClub is a unique collection of PFPs representing a community of digital ninjas. Each NFT within the NinjazClub collection is a digital artwork featuring various traits and characteristics, resulting in a diverse and collectible set of ninjas.

How many NinjazClub exist?

There is a total of 3,333 NinjazClub NFTs in existence. This limited supply enhances the exclusivity and value of each NFT within the collection.

NinjazClub has already collaborated with other prominent NFT communities, such as BoringPunks, Neo Yauto, and Beatles, to strengthen its presence in the NFT space. The project focuses on building a strong and dedicated community of collectors and enthusiasts. Carefully curated traits ensure that each NinjazClub NFT is a valuable and unique piece of digital art.